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Arrival (Container)

Streamline your logistics with our state-of-the-art Container Arrival System (CAS). Designed for flexibility, our system accommodates both wide and narrow containers, ensuring a seamless entry through forklift integration. With modules coated for durability and optimized for smooth container transfer, our CAS is the perfect solution to elevate the efficiency of your operations.

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Our Container Arrival System (CAS) is the epitome of efficiency and versatility in container handling. Each model in our lineup, from the CAS Infeed to the CAS Outfeed, is designed to cater to different operational scales with robust manner. The system begins with a forklift-friendly entry point that allows for easy and safe container feeding, suitable for both wide and narrow configurations.
Beyond the entry module, our CAS features conveyors coated with hot-dip galvanization or stainlees steel according to customerr decision, providing not only a robust pathway for container movement but also ensuring long-term resistance against wear and corrosion. The meticulous design extends to our transfer modules, which are built to facilitate the smooth transition of containers through the system, reducing manual effort and maximizing throughput.

The CAS’s intelligent engineering is visible in every component, offering a cohesive solution that speeds up container processing while maintaining the highest safety standards. With our Container Arrival System, you can expect a noticeable uplift in productivity, a safer working environment for your staff, and a future-proof investment that grows with your logistical needs.


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