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Chick Handling

Kromeka's Chick Handling Room is a hub of precision and care, featuring ergonomically designed vaccination carousels, sexing conveyors, and an exceptionally accurate chick counter. Designed for optimal chick health, our handling system ensures a smooth transition from hatchery to farm.

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In Kromeka's Chick Handling Room, efficiency and animal welfare go hand  in hand. Chicks are guided through vaccination and sexing procedures on  either belt conveyors or specialized carousels, ensuring that each chick  receives needed care. The pride of our line is the  high-capacity chick counter, which tallies chicks with minimal error as  they are prepared for transportation. To support hygiene and chick  health, our Chick Basket Washers, Driers, and Disinfection Systems  cleanse and prepare baskets for their next use. Additionally, Paper  Placers for Chick Baskets provide a hygienic base, contributing to the  chicks' healthy start as they travel to farms


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