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Chick Take-Off

Kromeka's Chick-Take Off Room showcases advanced automation for the hatchery industry, with high-capacity machinery designed for the gentle handling of newly hatched chicks. Our systems ensure efficient processing with reduced labor and heightened biosecurity.

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Within Kromeka's Chick-Take Off Room, cutting-edge technology ensures  the highest efficiency in hatchery operations. The room is equipped with  Hatching Basket Destackers and sophisticated Tipping Units that  delicately separate chicks from eggshells onto conveyor belts. The Chick  and Egg Shell Separator then precisely segregates the chicks, with a  high-performance system ensuring that no chick is harmed. The Dust  Suction unit enhances chick comfort by removing dust and debris, while  the Hatching Basket Washers, Driers, and Disinfection Systems maintain a  continuous cycle of cleanliness and disease prevention, optimizing  productivity with minimal labor requirements.


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