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Kromeka's Conveyor Systems are engineered for versatility, offering tailored solutions for every aspect of your operations. From plastic chain conveyors to complex carton handling lines, our extensive experience in design ensures a perfect fit for your poultry processing, hatchery, or further processing plant needs.

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Kromeka stands at the forefront of conveyor system design, offering a  diverse range of solutions that cater to the intricate needs of poultry  processing, hatcheries, and further processing plants. Our engineers  draw on immense experience to custom-design conveyor lines, whether it's  for simpler plastic chain applications or very complex carton box handling.  Capable of outfitting facilities with the precision of up to 70  boxes/minute traffic systems, we also excel in integrating solutions  that feed into carton box freezers, weighers, and beyond. At Kromeka, we don't just  build conveyor systems; we engineer pathways that enhance efficiency,  adaptability, and productivity within your operations.


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