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Egg Transfer

Kromeka's Egg Transfer Room is the nexus of hatchery automation, boasting high-capacity candling machines, precise egg transfer systems, and comprehensive tray washers. Each machine is designed for high efficiency and accuracy, ensuring the best start for broiler development.

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In the Kromeka Egg Transfer Room, every aspect of egg handling is  enhanced by automation and precision engineering. The Setter Tray  Unloader caters to various hatchery suppliers, gently handling trays to  preserve egg integrity. Our high-capacity Candling Machines use  cutting-edge technology for flawless detection and sorting, while the  Egg Transfer Machine meticulously moves eggs from setter trays to  hatching baskets with outstanding precision. The room also features  Hatching Basket Destackers and Stackers, which efficiently manage  baskets throughout the process. Our Remaining Egg Detection Systems  ensure no egg goes into the tray washers, contributing to overall bio-security. Finally,  the cleanliness and sanitation are upheld by our Setter Tray Washers,  Dryers, and Disinfection Systems, while Empty Setter Tray Stackers  streamline the preparation for the next cycle.


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