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Kromeka's Packing Department combines ergonomic design with advanced technology, featuring conveyor lines, tables, platforms, and bird baggers for efficient chicken packaging. Our customized systems, including barcode readers and carton box sorters, streamline the packing process, while our palletizing robots ensure end-of-line precision.

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At Kromeka, our Packing Department is tailored to meet the nuanced  demands of poultry packing with exceptional efficiency and accuracy. Our  conveyor lines are designed with careful consideration of belt types to  accommodate various packaging needs. Tables and platforms are  strategically positioned to facilitate the workflow, and bird baggers  are available to expedite the packaging of chickens with ease. Barcode  readers integrate seamlessly into the line to enhance traceability and  inventory management, while our carton box sorters efficiently organize  products for distribution. To complete the process, our sophisticated  palletizing robots provide precise and rapid stacking, readying products  for shipment with unmatched speed and reliability.


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