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Water Chiller

Kromeka offers efficient water chilling solutions for slaughterhouses, especially where air chilling methods are not suitable. These systems, designed with helical conveyors of varying lengths and diameters based on capacity, aim to reduce the core temperatures of chickens below 4°C, thus extending shelf life and enhancing food safety. The rapid chilling after evisceration is highly effective in achieving desired shelf life. Kromeka's water chillers, with their low initial investment costs and smaller footprint, provide a cost-effective alternative to air chilling systems. Manufactured with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, these systems guarantee longevity and efficient performance. They are applicable for both whole chickens and giblets, meeting diverse processing requirements.

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At Kromeka, the Water Chiller department, prominently known as the Screw Chiller, plays a pivotal role in the poultry processing sequence. This department is designed for the efficient chilling of poultry carcasses using cold water in screw conveyors. As the carcasses move through these conveyors, they are evenly cooled, a crucial step in maintaining the quality and extending the shelf life of the poultry products.

The Screw Chiller is particularly significant for facilities that prefer not to use Air Chilling techniques. The design of the screw conveyors is adaptable, with their length and diameter varying according to the processing capacity needed. This flexibility ensures that the system can cater to different sizes of operations while maintaining efficiency and quality.

Kromeka's engineering expertise is evident in the construction and operation of the Water Chiller department. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship used in building these conveyors demonstrate our commitment to delivering robust and reliable processing solutions


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