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Kromeka was founded in 2015 to meet customer needs for high-quality manufacturing and engineering.

We are a food processing equipment supplier based in Bursa, Turkey.


We specialize in providing solutions for poultry processing systems. Whenever we receive a request, first we thoroughly analyze the customer's needs, then we offer a suitable solution through extensive engineering study. By doing so, we always aim to solve customer-specific problems in a fast and cost-effective manner.


Our vision is to be a partner that best understands and fulfills the needs of food processing companies.


Our mission is to provide reliable solutions along with strong engineering and consultancy support, which will help our customers choose the right solutions for the right operations.


Our aim is to be a reliable global supplier of food processing solutions.

Turn-key solutions


As a trusted business with over 30 years experience, we have built excellent relationships with third party suppliers. As well as our own solutions, we can also design and provide turn-key poultry processing systems.


We combine and integrate solutions from different suppliers to deliver seamlessly operating plants to the end-user. These solutions include, but are not limited to, automatic evisceration, cut-up and deboning systems, cooling & ventilation equipment, sanitation equipment, rendering plants and waste water treatment facilities.

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Kromeka policies

As Kromeka we always believed the systematic approach and planning beforehand. To guide us in this manner we have policies that summarize what we believe in. Please click below to download and learn more about our policies

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