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Canlı Kasa İstif Bozma

Canlı tavuk kasalarını otomatik olarak teklemek için tasarlanmıştır.

Live Bird Crate Destacker

The Live Bird Crate Destacker is a crucial piece of equipment designed to automate the destacking of live chicken crates. Specifically designed to handle 10-level live bird crates (can be taller or shorter), this machine's capacity is tailored to meet the requirements of your processing line. This equipment is particularly important for slaughterhouses that work with plastic crates. The Live Bird Crate Destacker reduces human labor and improves animal welfare by eliminating the risks associated with dropping crates. A buffer system at the infeed of this machine can be designed to ensure a reliable crate infeed for your live bird hanging area and avoid any downtime due to a lack of crates. The Live Bird Crate Destacker is a high-performance and dependable solution for poultry processing plants. Its automatic destacking capability streamlines the process, increasing overall efficiency while simultaneously ensuring the safety and well-being of live birds. With the Live Bird Crate Destacker, your poultry processing plant can take a significant step toward providing a safer and more efficient system for your workers and live birds alike.

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