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Canlı Kasa İstif Yapma

Canlı tavuk kasalarını otomatik olarak üst üste istiflemek için tasarlanmıştır.

Empty Live Bird Crate Stacker

The Empty Live Bird Crate Stacker is an equipment designed to stack empty and washed live bird crates at the end of the live bird arrival line. This machine is similar to the Live Bird Crate Destacker, but it operates in reverse by stacking clean and empty crates one on top of the other to create a 10-level stack. The capacity of the machine is tailored to meet the requirements of your processing line. The Empty Live Bird Crate Stacker minimizes human labor and ensures a clean, organized stacking process. By automating this step, you can optimize the efficiency of your live bird arrival area while also reducing the risk of worker injury and crate damages. With the Empty Live Bird Crate Stacker, you can ensure a smooth and reliable outfeed of clean and stacked live bird crates, contributing to your plant's overall productivity and profitability.

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