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Canlı kasa indirme lifti

Canlı kasalarının kamyondan indirilmesi için kullanılır. Hidrolik olarak yukarı aşağı hareket ettirilerek açısı değiştirilebilir ve teleskopik olarak uzunluğu istenildiği gibi ayarlanabilir. Liftin ucunda iki personelin çalışabileceği bir platform bulunmaktadır.

Live bird Crate Unloading Lift

The Live Bird Crate Unloading Lift is an essential piece of equipment for poultry processing plants. It allows for the safe and efficient unloading of live bird crates from trucks. The lift is equipped with hydraulics, which allow it to be easily moved up and down, as well as adjust the angle of the lift to accommodate the truck bed height. The collapsible design of the lift makes it efficent in a small footprint, and the platform at the end of the lift provides ample space for two people to work together. With the Live Bird Crate Unloading Lift, your poultry processing plant can streamline its unloading process while ensuring the safety and comfort of your workers.  

Destacking a 10 level basket is a challenging and time-consuming task that requires significant physical exertion from workers. Furthermore, the risk of dropping the basket during the process poses a threat to the safety of the birds and the workers, as well as the potential damage for baskets. The Live Bird Crate Unloading Lift provides a safe and efficient solution to this problem, allowing workers to unload the baskets with ease while avoiding the risk of dropping the basket. With this equipment, workers can focus on ensuring the well-being of the live birds during the unloading process, rather than struggling to move the baskets.

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